rising star finale austin french audrey kate geiger dana williams jesse kinch 'Rising Star' winner: Did Jesse Kinch, Austin French, Audrey Kate Geiger or Dana Williams win?After 10 weeks of competition, viewers of ABC’s reality singing experiment “Rising Star” named one of its four finalists — Audrey Kate Geiger, Jesse Kinch, Dana Williams and Austin French — the winner. Which one took home the title?

The winner of the Columbia Records contract and the title of the very first (and possibly only) “Rising Star” champion is Jesse Kinch, with Austin French coming in second with a 14 percent difference in votes.

The vote really did boil down to America’s choice, as mentors Kesha, Ludacris and Brad Paisley saw their votes reduced to the same percentage as a regular TV-watching, app-using voter. Did America make the right choice? West Coast, do you agree?

Posted by:Jean Bentley