fantasy factory series finale interview Rob Dyrdek on the 'Fantasy Factory' series finale: 'My time with MTV is coming to an end' Rob Dyrdek is going out with a bang for the series finale of “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.” Well, not so much a bang as a crash, more precisely.

For the final episode of Dyrdek’s MTV docuseries, the TV star and former professional skateboarder decided to break yet another Guinness World Record to add to his collection, but this time, he was going to do it driving a car backwards off of a ramp to beat the longest distance in the air while still maintaining control of his vehicle. You know, nothing major …

All kidding aside, Dyrdek was pretty nervous before the stunt at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif. “When you initially get in the car, you’re telling yourself, ‘Why are you here? Why would you even do this? What is the purpose of this?'” Dyrdek tells Zap2it on the set of the record-breaking stunt. “And you just have to tell yourself, ‘No, get out of that headspace. Get in the kill mode.’ And then you just strictly focus up until that moment when it’s go time.”

The stunt was extremely risky and dangerous, and Dyrdek knew that so many things could go wrong. But he didn’t concentrate on the what-if’s. “You have to fight your basic instincts, because it’s too late now,” Dyrdek says. “You just have to do everything you can to do it perfectly.”

Spoiler alert: Dyrdek pulls off the stunt on his first try. “I just broke the world record for jumping a car backwards off a ramp 89 feet and 3.25 inches,” Dyrdek tells Zap2it immediately following the stunt. “I’m so glad it’s over.”

Although it didn’t happen perfectly. As Dyrdek landed the car, he spun out too far and crashed into the barrier on the side. But since he was still in control of the vehicle, it counted. “I thought I turned out of that landing enough, but I hit the side and it bounced me sideways,” Dyrdek says. “I had control of the car but I just couldn’t get it straight and avoid hitting the side. I was angry. Even as I was heading towards the wall, I was like, in my mind, there is no way I’m going to hit this wall right now. And when I hit that wall, it was annoying.”

“I think I went a little bit too fast,” Dyrdek adds with a laugh.

So why pick this stunt to end his series’ run? “It was just a cool opportunity, something I had talked with Chevy about doing even before this last season,” Dyrdek says. “We’ve got a cool series finale. It’s a great retrospective leading to a big party, and then this big stunt. And we also let Big Black have all of his big dreams come true. He got to do all the stuff he couldn’t do as a big kid. It’s just really about having a cool, strong way for all the fans to say goodbye to the Fantasy Factory once and for all.”

Although his hit clip show “Ridiculousness” is still going strong, Dyrdek reveals that this might be it for him on MTV. “I think I’m hitting that threshold of age, you know?” Dyrdek says with a smile. “I love MTV, I would love to make shows for them forever, I love everyone there, but my time is coming to an end as a whole with MTV.”

And he feels the same about breaking world records. “This is it, you know? I think I’ve made my world record run,” Dyrdek says. “It’s time to sail off into the sunset with my highlight reel of glory.”

After six seasons of crazy stunts and good times, “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” ends with a one-hour series finale on Thursday (March 13) at 10:30 p.m. ET on MTV. Check out a sneak peek at his record-breaking jump below:

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum