Rob Ford hasn’t been caught smoking crack or participating in shocking videos lately. If you believe the Toronto mayor’s interview with Matt Lauer on “Today,” this is because that part of his life is in the distant past.

A few months ago would be the “distant past” in this case.

Although he was caught running into a fire hydrant and dancing during the Olympics, Ford claims that he is drug-free and only drinking moderate amounts in the interview conducted Tuesday (Feb. 25). Is he to be believed? Ford’s ability to twist words about the truth is still on display in the interview. 

For example, when Lauer asks Ford about smoking crack cocaine, Ford replies, “I don’t use illegal drugs. I experiment with them probably, like a year ago. But I don’t use drugs. We’re in great shape. After this interview, I’m going to hit the gym.” Ford is very proud about going to the gym — he mentions it several times in response to just about everything.

Despite having told Lauer he was done with alcohol in a November 2013 interview, Ford admits that he still drinks “but not to the point of some of the episodes before.” A video showing Ford at a restaurant speaking drunkenly in a Jamaican accent? To Ford, this means he “drank and enjoyed” the time.

Ford catapulted into the international spotlight in Spring 2013 when allegations surfaced of a video in which the mayor smoked crack. He initially denied all such activities but eventually ended up apologizing when evidence went public. The Toronto city council has since stripped Ford of most of his mayoral power.

Has he changed his ways? It may take more than one video to prove it at this point.

Posted by:Laurel Brown