Kim-Kardashian.jpgSo … there was some Kim Kardashian news today. Perhaps you’ve heard? If you’ve visited the interwebs at all today, you’ve had an eye full of stories about the Kardashian/Humphries divorce. Aw, 72 days of marriage. It’s a shame those two crazy kids couldn’t make it work. We were all pulling for them.

Or not. There are a zillion theories about whether or not this wedding was a publicity stunt. (Oh, say it ain’t so!) There are people who are so annoyed that they want to sue Kim Kardashian. Either way, her family stands behind her.

We were live on the scene at the Halloween version of “Dancing With the Stars” and we caught up with Kim’s brother Rob.

He didn’t have a problem answering the most obvious question: how the family was holding up. “Everybody is obviously real, you know, not in a good mood, but we support anything my sister deals with, and that’s all we can do.” His other sister Kourtney was here with her son Mason (in an adorable costume) and his father Scott Disick. He talked about their support. “Mason is the best and now he’s trick-or-treating. He’s the best. They were here to support me … I’m happy they’re here in the stands.”

He also had some comments on tonight’s show. “It felt really good,” he said. I got a free costume out of it. No, it was very musical. I felt like it was an awesome Tango for the song we were given.”

Well, Zap2it readers, let ‘er rip. Spill your thoughts on the Kardashian marriage and divorce, Rob’s chances on “DWTS” and whether you love them or want to see them disappear.

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