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Rob Lowe has been hitting the promotional circuit pretty hard for his new book, “Stories I Only Tell My Friends,” but his stopping by Reddit for an AMA is where he got to have the real fun.
Lowe held his AMA Thursday (April 10) and answered questions about his movies, “Parks and Recreation,” roles he regrets not getting and even some of his favorite things to eat. That’s the beauty of a place like Reddit, they’ll ask just about anything. Below are some of the many highlights.
After reading through these questions, head over to Reddit to view the whole thing.
How was it working on “The Stand” in your earlier years? Did you get to meet Stephen King when he was on set for his cameo?
Not only was he onset for his cameo, but it’s one of the few Stephen King television projects that he also actually wrote. And he was on set every day. And it was one of the great pleasures of my life, getting to spend so much time with one of my heroes.
What is your favorite snack food?
Anything made by Hostess that can be bought at a gas station.
Not that I’m obsessed with this subject or anything, but when Hostess went out of business for a minute, I wore a black armband in the shape of a Chocodile for a week.
You were amazing in “Behind the Candelabra”! Thank You! How fun was it to be that character?
That’s right up there with Eddie Nero for me. There’s something about both those characters that are so unlike me and so unlike anything I’ve ever done, and are so outrageous, that there are no “wrong” choices you can make as an actor, the sky’s the limit with their behavior, it’s just exhilarating and freeing to play them.
Would you please regale us with an amusing story or fact from the filming of “Wayne’s World”?
I’m not telling tales out of school, he would tell you this himself, but Mike Myers was SO NEW to movie making, in fact it was his first movie, that on the first day of shooting, he didn’t even know that you had to stand in a particular place for the camera to photograph you. When I showed him how to do it, he looked at me like “Dude … you REALLY Know your s***.” To which I replied “You know Mike, if you give me 20 or so movies to do, even I will eventually learn where to stand.”
What Superhero role do you think they should cast you for?
You know, I think I’d like to do a reboot of the Green Hornet. Because it’s basically me driving a really cool muscle car.
I saw on TV that you were turned down for the Billy Zane part in “Titanic”. What other roles did you not get that you wished you had got?
Some roles I came close to getting, other roles I had no shot at getting. But over the years, I really wanted to be Jerry Maguire, I really wanted Kevin Bacon’s part in “Footloose,” I would have loved to have done Andrew Lloyd Weber’s male lead in “Sunset Boulevard on Broadway.” But happily, there haven’t been that many others.
If they made a movie about your life, who would play you (other than yourself)?
Well, if they’re making a movie about my life, you have to assume that I would have casting approval. And if I had casting approval, it would have to be one of my favorite actors.
The pre-approved list is:
  • Daniel Day-Lewis
  • Michael Fassbender
  • Joaquin Phoenix
And I might throw Robert Downey Jr in there. Because he already knows the stories, and has lived half of them, and was part of some of them.
Do you know why Rashida really left “Parks and Rec”, and are you as happy and cherry in real life as your character is?
At my 50th birthday, people got up and toasted me, and it was really interesting to me that one of the reoccurring themes was my “optimism.” So clearly my pals think I’m enthusiastic and optimistic, so I share that with Chris for sure.
Rashida is currently writing a very very big top secret movie. And that was her dream. She’s a wonderful writer. And one of the things I love about brain trust at “Parks & Rec” is that they always let us do our outside endeavors and follow our passions, even to the extent of letting Rashida go when she had a great opportunity.
Who was you favorite person to hang out with on “Parks & Rec”?
It would be impossible to choose.
  • Amy Poehler is who you want to have a drink with.
  • Nick Offerman is who you want to eat a steak with.
  • Aziz Ansari is who you want to shop with.
  • Rashida Jones is who you want to hang by the pool with.
  • Chris Pratt is who you want to go shooting automatic weapons.
  • Jim and Retta are who you want to hate-watch the perfect television show with.
Is being mistaken for John Stamos still your greatest fear?
HAHAHAHA. No. Being mistaken for Ian Somerhalder is.
Which actor from “Parks & Rec” is most like their character in real life?
All of the actors have profound similarities to their characters. And that’s what’s so great about the writers, is that they find an interesting kernel of truth and then build on it in a kinetic way. For example, my favorite wrap gift was from Nick Offerman’s woodshop. It was a beautiful maple keepsake box.
Is that the same box from Chris and Anne’s going away party?
VERY PERCEPTIVE! The box that Ron Swanson gave me, Nick Offerman built. And it sits in my office as we speak.
What did you eat for breakfast this morning, handsome man?
Hahaha! Today was omelets, and espresso through an IV. Like, right, directly a pick line that goes directly into my heart.
If those behind the “West Wing” were to approach you with a view of bringing the show back with Sam Seabourne as POTUS, would you be interested?
If Aaron Sorkin was writing it, I would be there with bells on.
I was wondering if you could tell us what it was like working with Chris Farley in “Tommy Boy.”
Working with Farley and Spade, they were like a demented old married couple together. They fought over everything. From what strip club to go to at night, to who stole whose sandwich on the set, and who was spending too much time with me.
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