shark week 2014 rob lowe promo Rob Lowe's 2014 Shark Week promo is so sharky and so greatEver want to see Rob Lowe using two sharks as water skis while wearing a wife beater and throwing fish guts in the air? You probably didn’t know you wanted that before now, knowing that it exists in the form of Lowe’s promo for Shark Week 2014.

“So sharky,” says the tanned, scruffy Lowe. He looks good, people. That’s probably why there’s a mermaid clutching his leg even though he’s wearing a bucket of chum.

The 2014 Shark Week tagline is King of Summer Since ’87, so Lowe is a fitting host. Discovery’s Shark Week starts Sunday, Aug. 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

Posted by:Jean Bentley