veronica mars san diego comic con kristen bell upn Rob Thomas says 'Veronica Mars' will be at the San Diego Comic Con

Marshmallows! “Veronica Mars” is going to San Diego! According to the most recent Kickstarter movie update from the show’s creator, Rob Thomas, members of the cast and production will attend the San Diego Comic-Con this summer.

This isn’t a huge surprise for anyone who knows how much of Comic-Con focuses on the attendees obsessions. Since the Kickstarter meant to fund a “Veronica Mars” movie has managed to break fan-support records left and right, this project definitely counts. As of this writing, over 75,000 backers had pledged between $1 and $10,000 in an effort to bring the 2004-2007 series to the big screen.

The original goal of the Kickstarter campaign had been $2 million, enough to make a basic film. That amount was reached in less than a day, and the total pledge has since inched its way toward $5 million. That money will go to the production and to providing rewards to backers. Warner Bros. will cover the costs of promotion and distribution when the film hits theaters.

As of right now, there aren’t many details about what sort of presence “Veronica Mars” will have at SDCC. It’s early though, and more information has been promised.

Should we all get in line right now?

Posted by:Laurel Brown