robert pattinson johnny depp Robert Pattinson's post 'Twilight' career: Can he take a cue from Johnny Depp?Robert Pattinson has certainly played a variety of roles, but will he ever be able to shake the Edward Cullen attachment?

]]> “The Twilight Saga” nearing the end of its reign over pop-culture, the actors are naturally beginning to eye projects outside the realm of tween romance. Pattinson’s most recent project, “Water for Elephants,” earned surprisingly positive reviews, though previous performances in “Remember Me” and “Little Ashes” went all but unnoticed. Taylor Lautner will try the role of action hero on for size in September’s “Abduction,” while Kristen Stewart — no newbie to the acting game — recently landed a coveted fairytale role in “Snow White and the Huntsman.” All three actors will need to choose carefully once they are thrown into the terrifying (or fabulous, as we’re sure Stewart is counting the days) post-“Twilight” world. Casting director Melissa Braun, of Grant Wilfley Casting, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about what the future may have in store for Pattinson. “He has charisma, a presence and obviously can act. It’s just how well he can develop that talent into something that people can see past,” she says. “If you want to follow the path of Johnny Depp, that’s the thing to do.” That got us thinking. Could Pattinson make a legitimate move from heartthrob to disheveled Parisian? Ok, that’s not exactly what we meant — Depp is a respected and incredibly talented actor who transitions with ease from loony and lovable to dark and disturbed characters. Though his recent turn alongside Angelina Jolie in “The Tourist” garnered jeers from critics and viewers alike, it’s tough to dim that shine Depp has spent years building. At 24-years-old, Pattinson already has significantly more mainstream success than Depp, who didn’t hit it big till the 90’s when he was hovering around 30. Who knew he was 27-years-old when “Edward Scissorhands” was released? Thanks to “Harry Potter” and “Twilight,” the British born actor has already earned himself some huge paychecks in addition to four leading roles in smaller films. One thing Pattinson does not have going for him are the Golden Raspberry Nominations. The heartthrob has been nominated multiple times for the Razzies, though he’s yet to win a statue. Despite a few blemishes in Depp’s career, he has managed to steer clear of the less than flattering “award ceremony.” The LA Times suggests that Pattinson is picked on simply for being too pretty, though we think it has something more to do with the cinematic quality of the vampire franchise that made him famous.  We’re big fans of Mr. Depp and his incredibly broad range of acting skills. From “Pirates of the Caribbean” to “Sleepy Hollow” and “Public Enemies,” we’ve stayed glued to his every subtle expression and fascinating swagger. So what do you think? Does R-Patz have what it takes to emulate Depp’s successful career? Or will the aging “Twi-Hards” wane in their support as years go by? We’d like to see Pattinson shake the “Twilight” mold, but only time will tell how effectively he can transition… and how much the public will allow it.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci