robert wagner gi Robert Wagner not a suspect in Natalie Wood's death    Sheriff's DepartmentAt a Friday (Nov. 18) press conference, a representative for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stated that Robert Wagner is not a suspect in the re-opened investigation into the death of his late wife, Natalie Wood.

Lt. John Corina, according to The Wrap, did confirm that the department had received new “credible” and “substantial” information that was important enough to re-open the case. He also added that no one from the department had yet talked to Dennis Davern, the captain of the yacht from which Wood fell to her death in 1981. Davern earlier appeared on the “Today” show and intimated that he had information that that would prove Wagner was responsible for the death.

Corina didn’t share what the information was or who they had talked to.

Wood died 30 years ago when she supposedly fell to her death on a yacht off the coast of California’s Catalina Island after a night of heavy drinking with Wagner, Davern and actor Christopher Walken. At the time the death was ruled accidental.

Davern has come forward several times in the past 30 years, claiming that Wagner was responsible for the star’s death. On Thursday, a representative for Wagner released a statement saying that the family fully supports the ongoing investigation into Woods’ death.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson