robocop trailer comparison 'RoboCop': Original and remake trailers side by side comparison

The comparisons between the original film “RoboCop” and its upcoming 2014 remake directed by Jose Padilla are inevitable. With the release of the remake’s official trailer, now seems like the perfect time to compare the two movies based on what information has been released already.

“RoboCop” might not be a film that seems like it needs to be retold, but at least the new version has an impressive lineup of stars. From Joel Kinnaman and Abbie Cornish to Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman, it’s ensemble is a big selling point — and a bit part of the trailer. But is that enough to get skeptical fans of the original on board? Check out both trailers below:

Beyond the obvious differences in special effects and trailer qualities, the new version of “RoboCop” seems a bit more politically minded than its predecessor — or at least, that’s how its trailer makes it appear. The 1987 “RoboCop” was definitely more political than its trailer led on, but in the 2014 version that story arc is a clear selling point. In the remake, the people who created RoboCop tried to strip away his free will , but he manages to fight back against them.

It’s interesting that the new “RoboCop” is making the Alex Murphy’s family such a big part of the story. Before they were discussed but only briefly seen, whereas here Clara Murphy and her son are major players. That will likely add some heart to the movie, but how much will it change the story? That remains to be seen.

What do you think of the new “RoboCop” when it’s compared to its predecessor?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz