Did you ever feel just a little bit jealous of the Bluths of “Arrested Development,” having Ron Howard narrate their daily lives? Netflix has helped soothe that jealousy for some Twitter users — the online streaming site has gotten Howard to read tweets from users, just like they were “Arrested Development” narration.

Over the past week, Howard has read dozens of tweets sent with the #ADNarrates hashtag. Netflix did release multiple videos featuring Howard’s renditions, but those are short. To remedy the situation, there is now a compilation of Howard’s narrations.

All put together in one video, it’s almost like Netflix has given fans a taste of another “Arrested Development” season. Almost.

The best narrations are those in which Howard goes off-script and editorializes the content of the tweet he reads. Some examples of this include:

“I soon discovered that all of my candy beans had been eaten by co-workers. It was depressing.”
Howard translation:
“Mark hoped to bury his sadness in a whole thing of candy beans, but it just wasn’t his day.”

“I’d have to get up pretty early in the morning to get drunk by 1 o’clock”
Howard translation:
“Luckily for Lorraine, it wasn’t anything a vodka rocks and a piece of toast couldn’t fix.”

“remember, when life gives you lemons, viciously squeeze them into its eyes?”
Howard translation:
“Ryan’s aggression often bled into his poetry.”

“I am not looking forward to breaking back into dating tonight …”
Howard translation:
“After an online relationship with a supermodel turned out to be his high school janitor, James dreaded dating.”

“I was farting until it became a really big shart and then I just cried about my life”
Howard translation:
“What started out as a dry run ended up messy for Zach.”

“I wish I had a #burger”
Howard translation:
“Out of all the things Camille could’ve had an Oscar-winning director narrate, she chose lunch.”

“Go see Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl and Olivia Wild in @RushTheMovie on September 20”
Howard translation:
“Your narrator’s latest movie, ‘Rush,’ opening Sept. 20, was on its way to becoming a trending topic.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown