ben bass rookie blue gallery 2 325 abc 'Rookie Blue': Ben Bass still discovering Sam Swarek

Zap2it: With “Rookie Blue” now in Season 4, how do you find the fan base that the show has accumulated?
Ben BassIt’s awesome. The fans are really, really committed and dedicated, and they roll with the punches in terms of things like wanting Sam and Andy to be together.
That’s not the case at the moment, and it’s kind of excruciating for them, but the fans are really fun to interact with. They’re smart and funny, and it’s been a real pleasure. And it’s augmented the experience of doing the show for me. It’s great when people are really invested.
Zap2it: Did you think you’d have as long a run with the role of Detective Sam Swarek as you have?

Ben Bass: I never thought about it, really … so I would have to say, “No.” But it wasn’t ever something I considered. I didn’t think, “Wow, wouldn’t it be great if this went a really long time?” because the odds of that are so small in the bigger scheme of things.
You can never go into any project thinking, “I’m going to bank that this will go for a long time,” though you can hope for that.

Zap2it: This far into the show’s life, what is your current assessment of Sam?
Ben Bass: He’s one of those people you can really get a handle on and expect certain things from, as the audience has. Having that kind of opportunity is rare. And there are other things to discover about Sam that I don’t know about yet. And I think the overall story of the show has a lot more to say.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin