charlotte sullivan missy peregrym rookie blue kids are not allright 450 abc 'Rookie Blue' Season 4, episode 4 recap: 'The Kids Are Not Alright,' indeed

How easy is it for youngsters to be misunderstood? The latest “Rookie Blue” yields plenty of evidence.
The aptly titled “The Kids Are Not Alright,” Thursday’s (July 11) episode of the ABC police drama, offered two stories of teens and trouble. In one plot, Andy and Gail (Missy Peregrym, Charlotte Sullivan) found a boy crammed into the trunk of a car during a seemingly typical traffic check. Let’s get real, though: If a “Rookie Blue” hour opens with such a check, what are the chances it will stay “typical”?
The other main plot involved Sam’s (Ben Bass) search for the person who fatally shot another teen, a hunt that came to involve rival gangs. A former gang member who started out as a suspect was revealed to be the victim’s cousin … and the real target of the shooting. Even worse, text messages showed he was being set up by his relative, whose life evidently was ended by someone’s bad aim.
As for the boy in the trunk, Andy learned he was a transgendered teen, kicked out of his home by his parents and seeking solace with a female friend. That girl’s brother went somewhat crazy upon finding them together, leading to the trunk incident and eventually to the brother’s arrest.
It also led to the disturbed teen’s suicide attempt, which Andy and Gail were just in time to circumvent. In a hospital room later, Andy advised, “That is not the answer.” And kudos to Peregrym for her touching, heartfelt work in a scene that also found Andy sharing such thoughts as, “You just keep going and ever day gets better, little by little,”
In ongoing “Rookie Blue” developments elsewhere: Dov (Gregory Smith) still was having a hard time adjusting to Chris’ (Travis Milne) imminent departure for another city and another police department, �especially when Chris said he was bailing on the rookies’ planned camping trip — largely because of his young son’s allergies to just about everything.
Things worked out, though, with Chris and family attending when the other rookies decided to move the camping excursion right outside Andy’s apartment; she also had decided to bail, drained from the day’s events. Newest rookie Chloe (Priscilla Faia) was going to be excluded, but she was brought to what became the group’s “staycation” by Nick (Peter Mooney), who’d been her partner for the day.
He cautioned girlfriend Gail to “be nice” to her, a warning that wasn’t misplaced since Gail had told Andy and Traci (Enuka Okuma) that morning, “I don’t like Chloe.” Ultimately, the closing scene gave both women honkin’ big reasons to dislike each other.
Harsh, edgy Gail minced no words in sharing her view that the way Chloe was pursuing Dov was “really creepy,” “pathetic” and “desperate.” But Chloe had a whopper of her own to come back with. Having asked Nick earlier about his recent undercover assignment, she dropped this on Gail: “No wonder he’s falling for Andy.” Pow!
Cut to Andy and Nick comfortably laughing together across the patio, then back to a clearly stunned, suspicious and jealous Gail. Tune in next week (yes, the show will remain new for the rest of the summer) … and after that ending, it’s impossible to think any “Rookie Blue” fan won’t.�
Posted by:Jay Bobbin