charlotte sullivan rookie 325 'Rookie Blue' Season 4, Episode 6: Luke returns and Gail faces a demon, literally

“We knew this was coming. Diaz is gone, and he isn’t coming back.”
Such was Sgt. Frank Best’s (Lyriq Bent) greeting as he informed the other rookies of Chris’ (Travis Milne) departure at the start of “Skeletons,” Thursday”s (July 25) episode of ABC’s “Rookie Blue.” As they registered their surprise — particularly Dov (Gregory Smith), who had done his best to change Chris’ mind — Best added, “People come, people go, so you might as well get used to it.”
Indeed: ABC’s press information already confirms Diaz will be a big part of the Aug. 15 episode. Meanwhile, another familiar face returned to 15 Division as Detective Luke Callaghan’s (Eric Johnson) reappeared to help direct a kidnapping investigation, one with huge reverberations for the cops.
The apparent victim had been taken in a cab registered to Ross Perik (Ben Carlson), last season’s perp who kidnapped Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) and fatally stabbed her would-be rescuer, Detective Jerry Barber (Noam Jenkins). If the new felon was a copycat, the officers needed to know fast and find the abductor before he could harm his captive.
The only way the incarcerated Perik would talk was if Gail did the interview, but Best refused to send her in. Luke tried to get the information himself, but to no avail: The convict wanted Gail, requesting she wear “that little black number.” She finally told her colleagues to stop protecting her: “I’m a police officer, so please just let me do my job.”
And she did. Though Perik did everything to try to sway her from her purpose — just as Luke had cautioned her — she held her ground, with Luke and a concerned Nick (Peter Mooney) watching from another room. And Nick got much more than he expected when he heard Gail confess she’d slept with someone else (likely Detective Jacob Blackstone, though she didn’t say his name) over her jealousy of Nick’s attention to Andy.
Ultimately, Gail got the needed clue, which led to the arrest of someone who had identified himself earlier to Dov and Oliver (Matt Gordon) as a Neighborhood Watch leader. And his victim was rescued. And Nick’s new knowledge about Gail appeared to seal the fate of their relationship, with him recalling that he thought the first time he saw her, ‘That girl’s gonna break your heart.” 
Traci (Enuka Okuma) got a surprising ally for the day in cocky but personable Steve Peck (Adam MacDonald) of the Guns and Gangs Division, who apparently needed information on a couple of cases he was inheriting.
She deduced he really was looking into something else, though, and she was right: It was the kidnapping case, which gave her immediate recollections of her fiance Jerry having been killed by Perik. And later, she tearfully confessed to Beck, “I’m trying so hard just to keep going.”
In the midst of all the new activity was a moment between Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Jerry’s close friend Sam (Ben Bass), who were paired on the abduction probe. “I chose you so we wouldn’t have to talk about it,” Sam said. “We were partnered that day, so I don’t have to explain anything.” Their search first took them to a specialist in acquiring and selling items connected to murder cases — such as a certain cab.
Back at headquarters later, as Andy sifted for leads that she likened to the hunt for the proverbial “needle in a haystack,” she was advised by a testy Sam to “just do your job.” Which prompted her reply of equal annoyance, “Stop treating me like your personal punching bag.” He apologized later, and Andy maintained, “I really do want to be friends” … just as Marlo (Rachael Ancheril), Sam’s current flame, appeared on the scene.
Earlier, Chloe (Priscilla Faia) vented her anger to her patrol partner du jour Marlo about Dov’s hunch that Chloe was bipolar … not realizing she was griping to someone who actually was.
After a day of Dov moping about Chris leaving, Oliver revealed he had left his estranged wife Zoe and filed for divorce. He also hesitated to admit he could use a friend that night, but Dov agreed to a night of camaraderie at The Black Penny as Oliver pronounced, “We’ll do our homework at the bar.”
And after one of her most trying days yet on the job, Gail was left by Nick to go home alone, underscoring one of the most basic themes of “Rookie Blue” (and one certain to continue in next year’s Season 5): Even if you succeed at work, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will at home. Or vice versa.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin