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Rarely do things run smoothly for the “Rookie Blue” cops — even their own nuptials.
Noelle (Melanie Nicholls-King) and Frank’s (Lyriq Bent) wedding wasn’t exactly like clockwork in Thursday’s (Aug. 8) episode of the ABC drama, “For Better, For Worse.” Even with the ceremony taking place that evening, much remained in flux, prompting Andy (Missy Peregrym) to try to take the organizational lead. 
Meanwhile, claiming she was getting “lying hives,” Chloe (Priscilla Faia) begged Dov (Gregory Smith) to tell Frank — her godfather and their boss — about their off-duty relationship. It wouldn’t be an easy day for Chloe in another way; she was partnered with angry-as-usual Gail (Charlotte Sullivan), whom Chloe had informed about the crush that Gail’s now-ex-boyfriend Nick (Peter Mooney) had on Andy.
Andy and Nick also were partners for the day, with Andy starting it by crooning along to Extreme’s “More Than Words” — the tune she reminded Nick he sang constantly while they were undercover together. Things then turned serious as they investigated a stopped tour bus filled with senior citizens who’d been robbed of their valuables by their driver.
Lamenting to Sam (Ben Bass) about having to interview all the passengers with the wedding just hours away, Andy added that he shouldn’t worry: “I’ll save a dance for you.” That, after he’d encouraged current girlfriend Marlo (Rachael Ancheril) to proceed with her out-of-town plans, though she worried Frank would be upset about her missing the wedding.
At Dov’s urging, the divorcing Oliver (Matt Gordon) — who dreaded seeing his soon-to-be-ex with her new love at the wedding — extended a last-minute invitation to Celery (Emily Hampshire), the alleged sorceress from the previous episode, to be his date. And Frank needed a new best man when his brother suddenly wasn’t able to make the scene, so Sam was enlisted to fill in.
Things only got crazier when Noelle seemingly vanished just before the wedding. Traci and Steve Peck (Adam MacDonald), her self-appointed driver for the day, found her easily: They went to her home, where she said she’d decided not to get married. The reason? Her annual mammogram, which revealed what she said looked like “the ‘something’ kind of lump,” the type that claimed her mother and sister.
Telling Traci she felt she already had “trapped” Frank by having their child, Noelle didn’t want him to feel more obligated to her. She did want “space,” though, which Steve agreed to give her by driving her wherever she wanted to go. And while heading toward the airport, he and Traci managed to talk Noelle out of ditching the ceremony. 
Back at 15 Division, it was deduced that the robbed elders — one of them sightless and played by Linda Thorson, alias Tara King on the classic spy series “The Avengers” — were targeted by someone who had rented a different bus than the originally chartered one.
In the end, the blind woman’s husband (veteran actor Richard Donat) turned out to have been be in cahoots with the robber, his nephew. Why? He explained they were going to split the proceeds, which for him was a matter of “when the woman been you’ve loving for 40 years needs treatment you can’t pay for.”
Gail, who’d voiced her negativity about love and marriage to the elderly witnesses all day, ended up getting some advice from one of them: “Life’s way too long to go through it alone.” And another of the robbery victims (Eric Peterson) helped outfit Oliver with clothing and transportation for the wedding, expressing how good it felt to be “relevant” again.
At the wedding site, Oliver discovered his estranged wife had broken up with her latest flame — but he commendably stayed with Celery, who was willing to leave him with his ex-to-be — and Gail met up again with forensic pathologist Holly (Aliyah O’Brien). And Dov did tell Frank that he and Chloe were dating, just as a breathless Traci burst in to tell Frank that Noelle needed to talk with him outside.
Still hesitant to go through with the wedding, Noelle’s resistance was melted by Frank’s heartfelt plea, “Baby, it’s just me.” And their vows ultimately were taken … though the pursuit of the thieving nephew caused Andy and Nick to have to listen in on the ceremony in their patrol car.
They eventually made it to the reception, though, with Sam clearly having mixed feelings as he watched them enter together as one very good-looking couple. Andy returned his gaze with a warm smile. More to come? You know it.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin