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Now, picking up where we left off …
Season 4 of “Rookie Blue” wrapped up Thursday (Sept. 12) with “You Can See the Stars,” the two-part season finale’s conclusion handled by two of the series’ executive producers and behind-the-scenes reliables, writer (and showrunner) Tassie Cameron and director David Wellington.
With their typical expertise bountifully evident, it’s a very safe bet that any fan who was there to the final scene now feels Season 5 can’t come soon enough.
The show really did pick up at the end of the previous chapter, with alleged pedophile Kevin Ford (Michael Cram) again knocking out his handcuffed captive: Officer Oliver Shaw (Matt Gordon), who was in the trunk of his police car, parked in a remote area.

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Sam (Ben Bass) interrogated his girlfriend — and Ford’s stalker — Marlo (Rachael Ancheril) about the last time she saw Ford, while Nick (Peter Mooney) tried to radio Oliver. Unbeknownst to him, it was a tight-lipped Ford who responded, “See you soon.”
At the hospital, Dov (Gregory Smith) and Wes (Cle Bennett) maintained their watch over the critically wounded Chloe (Priscilla Faia). Dov confessed that he and Chloe had been seeing each other, prompting Wes to ask if Dov was serious about “my wife.” Dov responded he was, and Wes advised him to “think about it.”
Ford’s lawyer went to the precinct and told Frank (Lyriq Bent), Luke (Eric Johnson) and others that when she’d advised Ford it would take some time to file a lawsuit against the cops, “He attacked me.” She hadn’t reported that out of fear he would pursue her, but she mentioned he’d said in regard to 15 Division, “He wasn’t going to stop until it was over.”
At an all-precinct meeting, Luke was mildly surprised Marlo could offer needed information on Ford so readily. Andy (Missy Peregrym) then told Sam they’d have to explain Marlo’s expertise on Ford, to which he replied, “There’s nothing we can do. They’re going to find everything out.”
Siblings Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) and Steve (Adam MacDonald) had a brief moment together as Holly (Aliyah O’Brien) entered, and then was troubled when Gail wouldn’t take a few minutes with her … but she told the hitting-the-streets Gail, “Just be careful.”
A concerned Andy informed Sam she couldn’t reach Oliver, and as they went to the apparent location of Oliver’s GPS, they found it had been torn out of his car. Luke discovered a handwritten list with the names of Oliver, Sam and anyone else who had a role in Ford’s arrest. “It’s a hit list,” Luke grimly told Traci (Enuka Okuma).
Ford’s van was located, though there was no trace of Oliver. Frank then ordered Sam and Andy back to the station because of their presence on the list, while Traci summoned Luke to see something: a huge collection of photos and files indicating Marlo’s self-initiated surveillance of Ford.
Sam still tried to protect Marlo by telling Luke, “She slipped up. But she’s back on her meds, and she’s better now,” Luke demanded, “Meds? For what?” Andy revealed Marlo was bipolar, leading Luke to deduce both cops had been covering for her. And after laughing derisively when Sam gave credit to Marlo’s hunches, Luke said, “I’m not talking to you about this now. We have an officer missing.”
Chloe’s doctor told Dov and Wes a clot had developed where her gunshot wound had been repaired, and the doctor wanted to remove the clot right away, but noted there were risks. Chloe could suffer brain death during the procedure, and though Wes asked about other options, the doctor wanted to proceed with the operation.
After Andy told Oliver’s girlfriend Celery (Emily Hampshire) he was missing, Frank sent most of the officers in search of Oliver’s car while Sam tried to keep Andy — who also wanted to be out on the hunt — focused on what they could do inside the station. “We’ll work together and we’ll find him,” Sam said, “because that’s what we do.”
Under interrogation by Traci and Luke, Ford’s brother maintained he didn’t know where Ford was: “I don’t even want to see him again.” And he added, “You guys haven’t exactly made it easy for him.”
Brought to an abandoned building by Ford, the still-cuffed Oliver heard him confess he’d shot Chloe. And as Oliver tried to reason with him, Ford said he didn’t want to talk anymore, confirmed by yet another brutal punch to Oliver’s face.
Partnered with ex-boyfriend Chris (Travis Milne), Gail said all she wanted was to find Oliver, have Chloe out of the hospital and reunite everyone at The Black Penny. “Life as it was,” she reflected. “Life as it should be.” And Chris advised her, “When it’s dark enough, you can see the stars.”
As Nick worked with Marlo on recalling anything useful, Andy and Sam traced a number of recent parking tickets Ford had racked up in one location. Ford’s brother revealed their father had abused them both in the days when he took them to a church in the area where the tickets were issued.
Indeed, that was where Oliver was being held, and the ranting Ford shot at him when Oliver accused him of being “paranoid.” Ford insisted, “I never touched that kid! And now everyone thinks I’m the one thing I hate the most. Even my own brother thinks so.”
Ford heard officers being sent to the church over Oliver’s radio, and as Oliver pleaded with him to reconsider, Ford planned an ambush for them as they entered.
As the cops left the precinct for the church, Traci gave Steve their first kisses as he told her to be careful, and Chris advised a surprised Gail to call Holly.
Oliver still tried to talk down an unseen, eerily quiet Ford — and as the first wave of officers entered the church and freed Oliver, it turned out Ford had abandoned the balcony where he supposedly was perched to start shooting. Frank’s face mirrored the big question: Where is he?
Dov had called his father, a doctor, for a second opinion on Chloe. Dad voted for the surgery, though Wes still hesitated to approve it. “I don’t need your permission here,” he reminded Dov. “I’m her husband. I have the authority to make this call.” Yet Dov remained steadfast about her having the operation.
As Nick and Marlo continued to discuss Ford’s whereabouts and motivations, Marlo suddenly started second-guessing herself about the extensive probe she’d done: “What if, this whole time, I was looking at the wrong brother?”
Sam decided to head home, as Andy joked with him that he was supposedly “bulletproof.” And he confessed, “I can’t be here anymore … with you.” He told her that he had messed up their relationship “over and over and over again,” that he wanted nothing more than for her to be happy, and that he knew she was with Nick now. “And that means I gotta go.”
As Andy followed him out the door, she was shocked to find Oliver’s police car parked right outside the precinct. Almost immediately, Sam put two-and-two together in a call to Frank: “Everyone on the list is here. I think Kevin Ford is in the station.”
Sam ordered a lockdown, then he and Andy scanned the hallways in search of Ford … who had indeed entered the building, carrying a police duffel bag with Oliver’s name on it. Sam encountered Celery and steered her and another woman to a room for safety.
And Ford also encountered someone: Nick. Just as he was about to shoot at point-blank range, the nearby Sam yelled, “Ford! No!” And Ford shot him instead, with Nick then shooting Ford seconds later.
After racing over to the gravely wounded Sam, Andy insisted on riding with him to the hospital. In the back of the ambulance (in a scene merging excellent work by both Peregrym and Bass), she decided on “an excellent plan. You’re going to lie there, and you’re going to listen to me.” She recalled the story of one night when they were in bed and she was crying from a bad dream, and he held her tight and said, “I’m right here. I’m going to hold onto you and I’m never going to let you go.”
Andy told Sam she would “never feel more loved, or more known.” With Sam looking at her, she said, “I love you. You’re my story.” She kissed him on the forehead as they arrived at the hospital, where Traci met Andy in a fully understanding embrace.
Elsewhere in the hospital, Wes not only had made his decision on Chloe not having the operation, he had Dov banned from the room. Luke told Marlo, who also was clearly concerned about Sam, that she’d “have to deal” professionally with the fallout from her Ford pursuit. And Luke began fresh questioning of Ford’s brother.
Marlo returned to the precinct and cleared out her locker, as Luke had ordered, and burst into tears when she looked at a photo of her and Sam that she had taped inside.
Holly met and hugged Gail — who introduced her to Chris and Steve — at the hospital, where Oliver began to recover, with Celery at his bedside. And Nick sat with a tearful Andy, who told him she was sorry, then got his blessing to be the one person allowed in to see Sam. Nick’s heartbreak was apparent as he then walked away alone.
And in the final shot, Andy watched helplessly as doctors worked frantically to save Sam. Like we said, “Rookie Blue” faithful, it’s going to be a long wait for Season 5.
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