sam andy rookie blue season 5 finale 'Rookie Blue' Season 5 finale: If Marlo's pregnant, can Sam and Andy survive it?“Rookie Blue” brought its fifth season to a close with a explosive finale revolving around a car-bomber and Marlo’s big secret seemingly revealed.

Sam and Andy

The car-bomber, out for revenge for an explosion that killed his 12-year-old son and for which he feels the guilty parties were let go, ends with a bomb going off in the evidence room with Andy trapped inside. She emerges relatively unscathed, but the scare causes Sam to realize he wants to be with her.

However, in the final frames of the episode, it seems that Marlo has a ultrasound picture on her desk. Does that mean she’s pregnant with Sam’s baby? What will that do to Sam and Andy’s future?

The other couples

It’s not great news for the other “Rookie Blue” couples either this season. Chloe does her best to win Dov back, but despite how beautiful she looks, he says it doesn’t change anything. Chloe is heartbroken, but later, Marlo encourages Dov not to give up on Chloe if he really loves her.

And Holly and Gail are at a bit of an impasse. Holly accepted a new job in San Francisco and wants Gail to come with her, but Gail is moving forward with Sophie’s adoption. Can they work out how to reconcile those two very different futures?

Finally, Nick meets up (and smooches) his mystery girl, but as soon as he says he’s a cop, she bolts. What’s up with that?

Also, as an aside, is anyone else suspicious of the commissioner regarding Ted McDonald’s “suicide” in the interrogation room? Hmm. We’ll have to wait until Season 6 to get our answers, which should premiere in summer 2015.

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