rosemarys-baby-NBC-part-I.jpgNBC debuted the first half of its two-part “Rosemary’s Baby” miniseries Sunday (May 11), establishing Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse’s downward spiral into a dark world of sexual rituals and making a literal deal with the devil.

Visually, this reimagining of the classic 1968 Roman Polanski version of Ira Levin’s novel is beautiful. The cinematography, use of color and lighting, beautiful costuming — it all makes for a rich tapestry on screen.

The acting is also top notch, particularly from Jason Isaacs and Carole Bouquet as Roman and Margeaux Castavet. They are delightfully creepy while also lending some subtle sensual and sexual undertones to their characters that are not a part of the original movie.

The only misstep in the cast was with Patrick J. Adams as Guy Woodhouse. He’s a fine actor, but it’s just the choice to play him as more well-meaning and less sinister — we didn’t care for that. It’s Guy’s deal with the devil to advance his career that advances the evil plot and it’s easier to understand when he’s a self-absorbed actor who craves success and shows little to no care for his wife. Adams’ version was far too concerned for Rosemary for his nefarious deeds to make much sense.

The other problem with this version is that it was packaged as a two-part miniseries, clocking in at over 3 hours without commercials, which means the first half takes quite a while to get to the action. A slow burn in a movie is fine, but if you want viewers to return for part II, you can’t have a bunch of boring build-up and leave all the juicy stuff for the second half. They won’t come back to see it. What perhaps would have been a better tactic would have been to make it one three-hour movie to air on a Sunday night.

That being said, if you enjoyed part I, you will hopefully come back for part II because that is where the real meat of the story comes into play.

“Rosemary’s Baby” concludes Thursday, May 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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