majandra delfino getty 'Roswell's' Majandra Delfino exits ABC pilot 'Keep Calm and Karey On'“Roswell” and “State of Georgia” actress Majandra Delfino has left ABC comedy pilot “Keep Calm and Karey On.” The pilot, led by Kelly Preston, is about a woman (Preston) who is the only decent person in her family full of petty thieves, drug addicts, and narcissists. Delfino was set to play her troubled sister, Penny.

Delfino was cast before Preston, who is older than originally envisioned for the character of Karey. As Preston is nearly 20 years older than Delfino, the addition of Preston to the cast complicated Delfino’s role.

ABC has let several actresses go from their comedy pilots this season. Mandy Moore asked to be released from “Pulling” after cast additions changed the dynamic of the show, and Mercedes Masohn left “Mixology” for similar reasons.

Delfino’s exit was first reported by Deadline.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie