jamie bell spider man rumors Rumor mill: Billy Elliot = Spider Man?Marvel may have found its new Spider-Man, and he’s an excellent dancer. Unless, of course, Spidey turns out to be the other guy.

Two names have emerged in the past couple days as leading candidates to play Peter Parker when the “Spider-Man” movie franchise resets in a couple of years. The more prominent one is Jamie Bell, who rose to fame with “Billy Elliot” in 2000 and has since appeared in “King Kong,” “Defiance” and “Jumper.” He also stars in Steven Spielberg‘s “Tintin” adaptation.

Word of his potential involvement comes from British site Bleeding Cool, which says Bell is on his way to California to do camera tests for the role.

If that’s true, it would mean that Josh Hutcherson (“Cirque du Freak,” “Journey to the Center of the Earth”) could be out of luck. Hutcherson was reportedly on the short list of contenders for the role, along with Bell and a few others, and like Bell he was reported to have shot some test footage for the film, which “(500) Days of Summer’s” Marc Webb is in line to direct.

Original front-runner Logan Lerman is no longer in the picture. (The same goes, apparently, for “Community” star Donald Glover, who has mounted a Twitter campaign to win the role.)

The next “Spider-Man” film will be something of a restart for the series, a la “Batman Begins,” with the story once again focusing on a high-school age Peter Parker.

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Posted by:Rick Porter