rush limbaugh president obama bin laden Rush Limbaugh's exercise in sarcasm: 'Thank God for President Obama'

Well, here you go high school English students. If you’re currently learning the literary device of sarcasm, Rush Limbaugh gave us a hot, smoking pile of it on his radio show Monday (May 2) on the assassination of Osama bin Laden at the order of the President.
Limbaugh employs the stylistic device to chastise Barack Obama on what the conservative talk show host perceived as the President taking too much credit for the operations surrounding and leading up to the assassination of bin Laden – policies Limbaugh says were established by former President George W. Bush’s administration.
“Last summer, it was suggested that we go in and get bin Laden,” the host says. “And Obama — even then knowing full well, only one in the room knowing — that the military’s way… wasn’t the way to work. Thank God for President Obama.”
Take whatever comfort you can from this, dear High school English students, for what you’re learning in class will indeed come back to haunt you later in life thanks to geniuses like Rush Limbaugh.

Listen to the lesson below:

Oh, and pay no mind to his frequent use of “Osama” instead of Obama. It’s actually an easy mistake.

Posted by:Jethro Nededog