gosling abs Ryan Gosling and his abs star in the 'Stupid, Crazy, Love' trailer. Also featuring Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone and Marisa Tomei.Steve Carell as a homely dude who can’t seem to land a chick. Where have we seen this before? Ah yes, that was his role in “The 40-year-old Virgin.”

In “Stupid, Crazy, Love” (opening July 29) there’s a bit of a spin on the story. Carell is a homely dude who was once able to land a chick — Julianne Moore — but, alas, she cheats on him and files for divorce. Somehow, Carell hooks up with a skeevy pick-up artist played by Ryan Gosling, who totally does the makeover thing on Carrell (minus the “Kelly Clarkson”-screaming waxing scene) and helps him score best-supporting hottie Marisa Tomei.

But wait — maybe life isn’t all about singles’ bar hook-ups and the right pick up lines. Ryan Gosling finds himself falling for the frustratingly unattainable Emma Stone (we get it) and Carrell is suddenly falling back in love with Moore.

You can fill in the rest, but why not watch the trailer. It’s worth it if just to see the money shot of Gosling’s abs. Abs which prompt Stone to quip, “Seriously? It’s like you’re PhotoShopped.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson