Die-hard Ryan Gosling fans, hold off on buying that baby gift. Sunday (June 15) was Father’s Day, but someone decided it seemed like a perfect day to pull an April Fool’s Day prank.

On Saturday (June 14), a Facebook page claiming to be that of actor Ryan Gosling posted a heartfelt tribute to the day honoring dads. The post told a touching story of how Gosling was the adopted father of a little boy for a short time, complete with an adorable photo of the “The Notebook” actor holding a baby.

Fans immediately went nuts and flooded the Facebook page with positive comments like “OMG you are utterly amazing,” and “This just makes him even sexier.” Within less than 24 hours, the post had received more than 936,000 likes.

Some fans, however, instantly questioned the post. If Gosling was ever a father, we would have most definitely heard about it before now.

The post was quickly confirmed as a hoax by a couple of different factors, the first being that the website it linked to buy T-shirts benefiting the Orphanage Home Foundation isn’t a working site, and the foundation doesn’t actually exist.

Clever viewers also quickly pointed out similar stunts have been done using stars like Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins