ryan gosling film booed only god forgives Ryan Gosling film 'Only God Forgives' booed at Cannes Festival

Maybe it’s better than Ryan Gosling wasn’t there for the Cannes Festival screening of his new movie, “Only God Forgives.” Were he in the room, he would have been subjected to the less than positive reaction that followed the film.
It seems that Gosling and director Nicolas Winding Refn, who last worked together on “Drive,” may not have another acclaimed hit on their hands. Rather than universal praise, the film was met with boos and even some people walking out.
The tweets that hit after the screening weren’t so kind, either. “Debate in ‘Only God Forgives’ press line about whether we can call reaction to screening ‘boos’ or just ‘a smattering of boos’,” writes Jada Yuan. Michael Phillips chimes in with, “Hilarious number of journos at #Cannes2013 post-‘ONLY GOD FORGIVES’ now saying: “Well, I take back what I wrote about ‘DRIVE’/’BRONSON’ etc etc.”

Not everyone dislikes the movie, though. Many single out a performance by Kristen Scott Thomas as something they wish were in the film more. As with “Drive,” the score for the movie, by Cliff Martinez, is also getting some attention.
As for Gosling not being there, it turns out he’s currently directing his own movie in Detroit and couldn’t get away from the set. The film will be his directorial debut. He sent a letter though, wishing the film and Refn luck, adding he would have liked to be there.

“Only God Forgives” is currently scheduled for a theatrical release on July 19.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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