Jm9mPTA= Ryan Gosling gave Girl Scout cookies to strangers: 'I was the creepy cookie guy'

Hey girl, want help selling your Girl Scout cookies? Don’t worry, Ryan Gosling is here to come to your cookie rescue.

The Baby Goose visited Jimmy Kimmel after the night show host switched to his 11:35 p.m. time slot and told a story about a good deed he tried to do some Girl Scouts he saw selling cookies.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” Gosling says. “I regret it. When I was a kid, my dad, he had all these side businesses all the time. I don’t know how, but he came upon like a truckload of cellophane. Just suddenly there was all this cellophane in our basement, and he wanted me to sell it, to help him sell it.”

He continues,” So I take it in my backpack, I’m trying to sell it to the kids at school, I’m trying to sell it to my teachers, and then when I couldn’t get rid of it, I thought I’ll go outside of the supermarket and I’ll wait till people with their food, because they’re going to need to wrap it. I had a fantasy that one day someone would buy all of it, you know? Like some guy would just come along and say, ‘I’ll take it all,’ which never happened.”

So how does all this pertain to Ryan Gosling’s cookies? Well, he came on some unsuspecting Girl Scouts and decided to do for them what no one had done for him.

“I saw these kids trying to sell their cookies and I was like, ‘I’ll take ’em all.’ So I bought hundreds and hundreds of boxes. I didn’t realize how many boxes I was going to have,” he says. “I had a car full of them. I didn’t know what to do, so I started just like throwing them out the window to people on the street.”

Gosling adds as the audience started cheering, “Don’t celebrate that, because at the time I thought, ‘This must be what Santa Claus must feel like!’ I pull up to people when they’re at a stoplight and I just throw cookies, you know? And then I looked at this one person who was looking at me and I realized that through their eyes I was not Santa Claus, I was just the creepy cookie guy.”

Apparently Gosling still has a bunch of cookies left over. Somehow we bet that if he were to have his own cookie stand he would not have any problem getting all those boxes sold. There’s no better time for this story too, as National Girl Scout Cookie Day is coming up on Feb. 8.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz