Ryan-Gosling.jpgLook at those dreamy eyes. It like they follow you wherever you go. We know how much you love Ryan Gosling. We’re not admitting to having a secret shrine to his hotness. We’re also not saying we don’t. We are, however, admitting that we’re totally taking advantage of him this February because he’s all ours.

He can be yours too. You can have Ryan Gosling on demand, every day of this month. Starting Monday (Jan. 30), Time Warner Cable Digital TV customers can watch a ton of Ryan Gosling movies On Demand. “Drive” will be available the same day as the DVD release. Anyone else think he was robbed of an Oscar nomination?

You’ll also have access to “Crazy, Stupid Love,” “The Ides of March,”
“Lars and the Real Girl,” “Fracture,” “The Notebook,” “Murder By Numbers” and “Remember the Titans.” “Drive” is also available in Spanish (SAP). Just head over to Movies on Demand, select “BY GENRE” and click “Ryan Gosling.” Why, oh why is February the shortest month of the year?

Posted by:jbusch