ryan gosling puppy gi Ryan Gosling vs. puppies: Who's cuter?Animal Planet might have a show called “Puppies vs. Babies,” but we’d like to pitch another must-see, awww-worthy series: “Puppies vs. Ryan Gosling.”

Just take a look at this new blog, http://ryangoslingvspuppy.tumblr.com/, which asks the hard-hitting question, “Is Ryan Gosling cuter than a puppy?” and try to tell us you wouldn’t want to spend an infinite amount of time squealing over photos of baby doggies side-by-side with similar shots of the man of everyone’s dreams.
We can’t decide which comparisons we love more: “I just flopped here on this couch with my beautiful eyes” Gosling/puppy, “just takin’ a picture of you” Gosling/puppy, or “forlorn in the rain” Gosling/puppy.
Actually, scratch that. The greatest entry is quite clearly George Clooney posing with Gosling vs. Clooney holding a baby puppy. The best part of alll: in this battle, everyone wins!
gosling clooney puppy tumblr Ryan Gosling vs. puppies: Who's cuter?
Posted by:Jean Bentley