ryan oneal piers morgan Ryan O'Neal thinks he may have caused Farrah Fawcett's cancerRyan O’Neal has been making the media rounds lately in support of his series on OWN, “Ryan & Tatum: The O’Neals,” which premiered Sunday (June 19). If the goal is to attract attention, then his appearance on “Piers Morgan Tonight” Monday certainly did the job.

But what he said? Wow. O’Neal told Morgan that he believes the problems he and his children had may have contributed to his long-time love, Farrah Fawcett, contracting cancer.

“There was turmoil during my love affair with Farrah, a lot of it caused by my family, by my kids — all of them, but particularly Tatum,” he tells Morgan. “And I just think if she had never met us, would she still be alive today? Because nobody knows what causes cancer, do they?” … She didn’t smoke, she didn’t drink, she exercised every day, and she believed in good health. And then we came along, the four of us. And gradually she got — she got weaker. I don’t know.”

Morgan points out that that’s an awfully “harsh” thing to lay at the feet of his daughter (and OWN co-star) and himself. “Sorry, Tatum — but you probably know too,” is O’Neal’s answer.

“But it’s not Tatum,” O’Neal adds after a pause. “I was the catalyst. I was the one that had to keep everybody happy, and I wasn’t able to do it.”

Video of O’Neal’s — what? Confession? Revelation? Self-flagellation? — is below. What do you think of what he said?

Posted by:Rick Porter