ryan sweeting kaley cuoco tattoo instagram Ryan Sweeting already got a Kaley Cuoco tattoo: See the pic

True love lasts forever, and so too do tattoos. Tennis player Ryan Sweeting celebrated one with the other by getting the name of his “Big Bang Theory” star wife, Kaley Cuoco, etched into his arm.

Sweeting revealed his new ink on Instagram. Taking up a good portion of his left forearm, Sweeting had the word “Kaley” tattooed in cursive in black ink.

“‘Ink my whole body I don’t give a …’ Artistic cred to Damian at True Tattoo Hollywood,” Sweeting tweets.

Cuoco hasn’t returned the favor with a tattoo of her own, but she did do something similarly sweet: Instead of Cuoco, Kaley now goes by “Kaley Cuoco Sweeting.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz