The Dictator.jpgOutrageous film star Sacha Baron Cohen is planning yet another stunt. This time around, he wants to dress up for the Oscar red carpet as the ruthless ruler from his new film “The Dictator.”

Not a bad move in terms of movie promotion. Whatever you think about the Oscar telecast, you’re pretty likely to watch it, if last year’s ratings are to be believed. Think of all those people who will get a look at a bearded Cohen and learn about his film!

Well the Academy isn’t exactly on board. According to the Chicago Sun Times, an Academy representative stated, “The red carpet is not
about stunting. It’s not about putting on a zoo.” Cohen was asked to present during a previous show, but bowed out when he was told he couldn’t come dressed as his character Borat.

So, what do you think of the Academy’s statement? Do you think Cohen should be allowed to dress any way he wants? Do you think there are better places to advertise a film? Let us know what you think!

Posted by:jbusch