salem comic con 2014 'Salem' at Comic Con 2014: Shane West and Seth Gabel ship John and Cotton

Forget Mary and John — thanks to a question asked at the “Salem” 2014 San Diego Comic-Con 2014 panel, we now know Season 2 of WGN America’s first scripted series should be all about John and Cotton.

Seth Gabel and Shane West not only have great chemistry on the show, they clearly get along well in person too — after a fan noted that their bromance turned into a highlight of the show, the two discussed being shipped together online.

“It’s an honor to be shipped with this man. He’s my shipmate. … Anyone looking into those eyes would just melt away,” says Gabel, who is not quite as used to shippers as West is, and even asked West about his experiences with shippers on “Nikita.”

West says he’s really loved working with Gabel and everyone else. “It’s been a blast working with everyone on this show,” he says, but “with Seth and I’s scenes it turned out to really work — that difference, that yin and yang [between the characters].”

The cast, including West, Gabel, Janet Montgomery, Ashley Madekwe, Elise Eberle and Iddo Goldberg, recounted some of the most fun — or at least most memorable — experiences in shooting the first season of the show.

Montgomery has had to work with a lot of animals thanks to her character’s witchcraft, and not all of those encounters were pleasurable. “I’ve been peed on by a toad numerous times,” she says, but let the record show that the animals were treated just fine.

“I did not crush a real mouse. I would never do that,” she says. Instead, during the scene where her character crushed a pregnant mouse with her bare hands, she held a real one and then it was swapped out for a sponge. It was still unpleasant, even though it was a sponge covered with blood instead of an animal carcass.

Actually, while the animals were safe, the actors weren’t — numerous people got injuries. “Elise chipped my tooth,” reveals Montgomery (and Eberle quickly apologized yet again for that). “Elise tore my wig off,” says West.

Adds Goldberg, “Elise broke my arm.” (That one’s not true. Although he did break his arm, it wasn’t Eberle’s fault.)

As for Season 2, which will begin filming in a couple of months, a short teaser (and some hints from the producers) reveal that it’ll expand the world outside of Salem.

“There are other covens in other places that sense that the Grand Rite has been completed,” says Brannon Braga, and they’ll probably pull Mary back in (much like Michael Corleone in “The Godfather”).

Posted by:Jean Bentley