magistrate hale mary sibley salem premiere wgn america 'Salem' premiere: What did you think of WGN America's scary new show?

The premiere of WGN America’s first scripted series, “Salem,” was incredibly scary, graphic and gorgeous. What did you think of the premiere?

We first met Mary Sibley and John Alden, the romantic leads of the show, in more innocent times. The young lovers were torn apart when John was sent to war, but Mary’s life was destroyed further when she learned she was pregnant.

She got rid of the baby via witchcraft with a little help from her friend Tituba, and when we met up with her years later, she had married the richest man in town. But what the audience know — and what her fellow townspeople don’t — is that Mary is controlling him via some super-scary witchcraft.

There are several people in town who are catching on to what’s happening, but for the most part the townspeople seem pretty ignorant of the whole scheme — especially the role of Magistrate Hale and other folks in power.

Speaking of power, we met Cotton Mather, preacher/hypocrite, and Mercy Lewis, a possessed girl played by the extraordinary Elise Eberle.

What did you think of the premiere? Too scary? Too sexy? Just enough of both? Tweet @Zap2it with your thoughts!

Posted by:Jean Bentley