salem mercy lewis elise eberle wgn america 'Salem' star Elise Eberle knows not to mess with the SupremeWGN America’s spooky new series, “Salem,” doesn’t premiere until April. Since that’s way too long to wait to get our fill of the series’ supernatural take on the Salem witch trials, Zap2it decided to get you — and the stars — excited for the debut by subjecting them to our “Salem” Survey.

Up next is Elise Eberle, who plays Mercy Lewis, one of Salem’s “afflicted girls,” on the new drama, premiering Sunday, April 20 at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT.
Read on to find out why she loves “Witches of Eastwick,” why you should never mess with the Supreme and what she’d take with her to 1690s Salem.

Zap2it: Describe your character in 5 words.

Eberle: Naïve, brave, vulnerable, dangerous, evolving…

What three items would you take with you to a deserted island (or puritanical Salem)?

Toothbrush, soap and antibiotics.

Could you have survived in the 1690s?

With those three things, without a doubt.

Which witch is which? Name the book/TV show/movie/play each witch is from. No cheating!

Glinda the Good Witch:
Oz is the place to be.
Hermione Granger: Mudbloods have more sass than you think.

Bonnie Bennett: Sounds like a Puritan.

Fiona Goode: Never mess with the Supreme.

Sabrina Spellman: Owner of the coolest cat on the block, SALEM!

Endora: The only ginger I know who can rock blue eye-shadow.

The White Witch: Don’t eat those Turkish delights.

Willow Rosenberg: She be a witch!

Pick one: “The Witches of Eastwick,” “The Craft,” or “Practical Magic”

Hands down, “Witches of Eastwick.” Witchy Cher is too good to pass up.

If you could cast any spell, what would it be?

Maybe a persuasive spell? That way I can get people to do things 🙂

Would you be a good witch or a bad witch?

Can I be both?

What’s the most surprising true fact you learned about the actual Salem witch trials?

I did find it interesting that most of the innocently accused pleaded guilty to being a witch.

What’s the most challenging thing about starring in a show that’s both genre and period?
With a historical subject matter, you’re having to deal with pretty firm expectations about the way things should be, so I’m hoping that the audience can appreciate our alternative take on it all. I’d say the real challenge is creating a fantastical story that’s real enough for the audience to embrace it and love it as much as we do. Luckily everyone is incredibly talented, from the writing to the set decorating to the props to the costumes, so there’s very little space for concern.

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