salem janet montgomery elise eberle witch Some things you might've missed on WGN America's 'Salem' episodes 3 6We already informed you that “Salem” is the craziest show that regularly features mouse murder on TV — in the second episode, Janet Montgomery squeezed a pregnant mouse to death with her bare hands and a possessed girl barfed blood and nails while strapped to a crucifix.

“Salem” fills the half-campy, half incredibly serious period drama void you didn’t even know was missing in your life. You never knew you wanted so much blood and wigs and creepy witchcraft until you saw it happening on WGN America on a Sunday night.

But if you haven’t taken our advice and tuned into the subsequent episodes, here’s what you’ve missed in the past few weeks:

– A creepy doll spied on a teenage girl
– A snake crawled out of a cut in a girl’s stomach, then later in the episode a new one crawled in her mouth
– Shane West screamed “You don’t know me!” like he was on an episode of “Maury” (BTW, John Alden, you ARE the father)
– A man in the woods with a goatee and mohawk ate butterfly coccoons
– Ashley Madekwe crushed a cockroach with her bare hands
– A scary witch lady raised the dead after making it rain blood from her wrists while on a crucifix (no, not Mad Libs, that’s a thing that happened)

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s not too late to catch up. “Salem” airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. Central on WGN America.

Posted by:Jean Bentley