sammy sosa vampire twitter Sammy Sosa looks like a vampire on Panamanian TV, creeps everyone outWho knew that Sammy Sosa had become a grown-up Eddie Munster?

The disgraced former MLB star recently made an appearance on TV in Panama and revealed his new look — one that has a distinctly undead feel to it. A photo of Sosa with Panamanian TV personality Nairobi Dacosta surfaced on Twitter, leading many to joke that the slugger looks as if he’s completed his transition from human to vampire.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports’ tweet sums it up pretty well: “Breaking: Sammy Sosa guest starring on ‘True Blood’ this week.”

In the photo, Sosa is quite pale (likely because he now sleeps in a coffin during the day) and is sporting an intense widow’s peak. In his suit, he’d certainly fit in with the Vampire Authority on “True Blood.”

What do you think of Sosa’s new look? Do you think he’s developed a hunger for blood since leaving the MLB?

Posted by:Billy Nilles