robin dunne amanda tapping sanctuary 320 'Sanctuary,' 'SmackDown' and more Syfy Digital Tour highlightsSyfy Channel’s Fourth Annual Digital Press Tour on Monday (Oct. 11) gives us insight to the its scripted shows in addition to some new alternative reality programming for the 2010-2011 season.

After discussing the holiday episodes of “Warehouse 13” and “Eureka,” we delve into “Sanctuary,” which returns for its third season on Friday, Oct. 15 after “WWE Friday Night Smackdown.”

Highlights from the “Sanctuary” and other Syfy Digital Press Tour panels:


  • Sadly, star Amanda Tapping had to drop out at the last minute because of an illness in the family.
  • Robin Dunne teases that Magnus will face a new villain played by Ian Tracey who’ll be a classic character out of history and literature, an “iconic character that gets an Abnormal twist,” who we’ll love to hate.
  • The Five is back, including Nigel Griffin.
  • There will be an episode entirely from Will’s perspective.

“Hollywood Treasure”

  • Joe Maddalena’s white whale is “The Wizard of Oz’s” ruby slippers.
  • The No. 1 requested item is the “Iron Man” costume.
  • Julie Dawn Cole, who played “Willy Wonka’s” Veruca Salt, kept her Golden Ticket.
  • Even though Maddalena’s son scoffed at “Lost” Dharma matchbooks, they sold for $1900.

“WWE Friday Night SmackDown”

  • “SmackDown” will lead into “Sanctuary” on Friday nights.
  • Kofi Kingston is fearless. He wants to be on “Scare Tactics,” take on Sharktopus and even his boss, Vince McMahon.
  • Moderator Erika Kennair becomes an honorary SmackDown diva, but first she needs to learn a move from Kofi Kingston:

“Being Human”

  • Meaghan Rath has to sit on “Sally’s hard pillows,” props that look like pillows but don’t dent since her character is a ghost.
  • Sam Huntington actually has a harder time with prosthetics playing a werewolf than playing a caveman in the short-lived series “Cavemen.”
  • Sam Witwer on playing Darth Vader’s apprentice, Davis Bloome on “Smallville” and now vampire Aiden: “I get a lot of guys who have damaged psyches I guess.”
  • The Sams got along so well, they were told to dial down the chemistry early on since their characters didn’t really know each other yet.
  • Yes, Huntington will be naked on the show. “It’s not gratuitous” he insists.
  • (Check back with Zap2it for our video interview with Witwer.)

“Destination Truth”

  • Josh Gates will be co-hosting “Ghost Hunters Live” with “Warehouse 13’s” Allison Scagliotti.
  • On the show, some of the most disturbing things are the animal sacrifice incidents, also the Chilean open graves.
  • Gates’ travel rituals: Downloading all his favorite movies and TV shows before going on a 14-hour plane trip.

Caprica” – Read our live blog of the panel.

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