sandy hook hoax newtown truthers blame barack obama Sandy Hook hoax? Newtown 'Truthers' video goes viral

The Sandy Hook “Truthers” are wreaking havoc in Newtown, Conn. and across the United States, touting an elaborate conspiracy theory that promotes the Dec. 14, 2012 massacre as a government-sponsored hoax to influence firearm legislation.
In a YouTube video called “The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed.” which has been viewed 8.7 million times at the time of this posting, a user called “TheOutsideTheTV” lays out 30 minutes worth of evidence to support the ghastly claims of “deception surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting,” using raw video footage, news broadcast footage, and a hefty dose of skepticism.
Echoing the cries of the “9/11 was an inside job” proclaimers, the Sandy Hook “Truthers” harp on details they say make it impossible for the massacre to have happened the way it was reported to have happened.
Among their chief concerns are initial eye witness accounts of an alleged second shooter, conflicting reports about the number, type, and location of weapons found by authorities, misidentification of the shooter, and internet memorial and fundraising pages that appear to have been published prior to the day of the mass shooting — including a Facebook page for deceased teacher Victoria Soto.

The video also casts a suspicious light on parents of the young Sandy Hook victims — in one instance, the late Emilie Parker‘s father, Robbie Parker is shown “getting into character” before a press conference, and in another, a couple is described as not emotionally fitting the bill for distraught parents in a CNN interview. Are you disgusted yet?
Gene Rosen, a man described by many as a hero for helping six children he says he found hiding out in his yard after the shooting, is portrayed in the “Fully Exposed” video as a “crisis actor” with Screen Actors Guild credentials. Rosen tells Salon he is now the target of endless harassment via phone calls and web postings. “The quantity of the material is overwhelming,” says Rosen, who stays off the Internet to avoid exposure to the hateful taunts.

The “Fully Exposed” video, which also claims one of the young shooting victims was photographed with President Barack Obama by mistake, can be seen in its entirety below. But sensitive viewers should be warned YouTube has pegged the content as “potentially offensive.” Many across the web have lashed out against the inflammatory claims in this video. What do you think? 

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