sara leal us weekly Sara Leal, Ashton Kutcher's fling, speaks out in Us Weekly

The tabloid press hunted her down within hours, so it was only a matter of time before Sara Leal spoke out. The 22-year old blonde Texan shot into the public eye after she allegedly had sex with Ashton Kutcher in a San Diego Hard Rock Hotel on Sept. 24, the night of Kutcher and wife Demi Moore’s sixth wedding anniversary. Leal has opened up to Us Weekly magazine and once and for all removed the “allegedly” tag from the whole situation.

Leal, an administrative assistant by day and admitted party girl by night, says that Kutcher “just came up and kissed me” at the wild party. Leal “didn’t think it was out of the ordinary” when she joined Kutcher and another woman for a hot tub skinny dip. 

Around 6 am, the two had sex. “He was good…It wasn’t weird or perverted.” Leal notes that Kutcher did not wear a condom during their encounter and that their pillow talk involved politics, particularly the Republican candidates for President.

Apparently, Kutcher still has a rosy outlook on relationships, as his response to Leal regarding her long-divorced parents was to “believe that [love] is real.” 

The Leal interview hits newsstands on Friday (Oct. 14) and we’re guessing that Leal is using her Us Weekly check to buy another room at the Hard Rock in hopes that lightning strikes twice.

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