The always stylish Sarah Jessica Parker stopped by “Late Night with Seth Meyers” Wednesday (May 7) with her pal Anna Wintour to discuss the 2014 Met Gala where the two revealed the men in attendance had a bit of trouble with this year’s theme. 

The annual charity event’s theme was “white tie.” Time magazine was nice enough to talk to etiquette expert Emily Post and do a little research to find out exactly what that entails. According to Post, white tie is the highest level of formality in menswear. To be truly on point with the theme men should don a black tailcoat,
pants with a stripe of satin or a braid down the leg, a white
wing-collared shirt, a white waistcoat, matching studs and cufflinks,
white or gray gloves, black shoes, black socks and, obviously, a white
bow tie.

Wintour and Parker told Meyers not a lot of men this year nailed down white tie, and designer Tom Ford even emailed Wintour telling her he was swarmed with hundreds of emails from guests asking questions.

Meyers showed the ladies a couple of pictures of the gents to get their take. Tom Brady, Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman were among the didn’t-even-attempt category. Meyers himself almost got it down, but Wintour criticized him for not having a tail on his jacket. Bradley Cooper and Kanye West got the almost-there vote. However the only man among the choices to achieve white tie perfection was “Sherlock’s” Benedict Cumberbatch. The Cumbercookies would be so proud.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins