buffy stars Sarah Michelle Gellar talks 'Buffy' reboot: 'It's a horrible idea'

Remember when Warner Bros. announced they were rebooting the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” without creator Joss Whedon? At the time, we agreed with Giles: “The earth is doomed.” Update: We still feel the same way. 
Guess what? “Buffy” star Sarah Michelle Gellar agrees with us. While she’d remained quiet on the subject so far, Gellar has finally expressed her opinion on the “Buffy” film reboot. Spoiler alert — She’s not pleased.
“I think it’s a horrible idea,” Gellar bluntly tells CNN. “To try to do a ‘Buffy’ without Joss Whedon, I mean that’s, like, honestly, to be incredibly non-eloquent: that’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.” (How Buffy Summers was that answer?)
She continues, “It was a movie. It’s been made. It stars Kristy Swanson. They made it. They don’t need to make another one.”

In conclusion: SMG is flawless and will forever be Zap2it’s Buffy Summers. Viva La Joss!
Do you agree with Gellar, “Buffy” fans? Is a reboot without Joss Whedon a horrible idea?

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