sarah palin amazing america tca gi Sarah Palin hopes 'Amazing America' will inspire young womenThe new Sportsman Channel is launching its programming with the help of “Amazing America with Sarah Palin,” whom they have dubbed “the first lady of the outdoors.”

“I’m gonna get to help bust this network out,” says Palin at the 2014 TCA press tour. “It’s gonna be huge and it’s gonna be fun.”

The show will feature Palin and her family members traveling the country and participating in a variety of outdoor activities, like hunting, fishing and snowmobiling. Palin says that she hopes the show will be an inspiration to young women.

“I want young women to be inspired by the show that we’re going to
put together,” says Palin. “One of the reasons is because I think this world would be
better off having more young women holding a fish in a picture and fewer
of them holding their camera in front of a bathroom mirror doing a

Palin adds that she’s “more excited” about this project than she has about many other things she’s done in the past and hopes that it will highlight the classic American spirit.

“What our show is gonna do is highlight people, places and things that can embrace and inspire that American spirit that we need more of,” Palin says. “It’s not going to be some kind of fake, scripted reality show.”

“Amazing America with Sarah Palin” premieres April 3 on the Sportsman Channel.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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