sarah palins alaska 320 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' breaks TLC ratings recordIs “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” your ideal vacation destination? If so, you’re not alone… surprisingly enough. The former governor’s reality TV show debuted to phenomenal numbers on TLC, breaking the network record for highest-rated premiere that was previously held by 2003’s “What Not to Wear.”

Five million people tuned in on Sunday to watch Sarah Palin climb a mountain, fish for salmon, and build a fence to keep out nosy neighbors. (Which gave her perfect opportunity to talk about the problems with our country’s borders.) The question is, how many of those five million will be watching next week?

It’s certainly been a banner season for the Palin family — daughter Bristol is still going strong on “Dancing With the Stars.” Despite her often low scores, America loves her. Perhaps she should run for office next?

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Photo: TLC

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie