sarah palin skeet shooting 'Sarah Palin's Alaska': For the halibutThe second episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” kicks off with Sarah showing us that her day starts at 4 a.m. Alaska time — her professional duties are on East Coast time, plus it doesn’t really get dark in the summer (that would be so weird, just btw). After a quick fitness class, it’s gun time.

They’re at the shooting range where Sarah had a baby shower, which she says “gets the liberals all weenie’d up.” Sorry, Sarah. Conservative or liberal, that’s a liiiittle weird. Also, Sarah even has red, white and blue earplugs — a metaphor, perhaps? Either way, nobody seems like a real crack shot.

The big activity of the episode is a road trip to deep-sea fish for halibut. Sarah narrates the road trip with talking about her daughters and their different personalities. Are we going to see Track, the almost-adult son? We wonder if he’s shying away from the show?

The family sets up camp in Homer, AK and the next day Sarah and Bristol take off for their mother-daughter fishing excursion. Bristol’s job is stunning the fish with a club so they don’t flop around and damage their meat on the boat deck. Fun. Bristol hesitates when the first fish is reeled in, so Sarah grabs the club and wails on it.

Bristol gets in on the action and then we get to watch them clean the fish. We’ve cleaned fish, but we’ve never held the still-beating heart of a fish in our hands. That is a whole new level of yuck. The next day, Sarah and Bristol join a “slime line” at a fish processing plant. It really needs no explanation. The last step is chopping the heads off and filleting the fish. Finally, the family digs for clams before they leave Homer.

The second episode was a lot like the first — an advertisement for Alaska’s tourism and a chance for Sarah Palin to look just-like-you-and-me but also hearty and outdoorsy. It’s a bit boring, actually. It’ll be interesting to see if the ratings drop — it debuted to 5 million viewers, but will it sustain that?

Next week: Track makes an appearance!

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