sarah palin pointing getty Sarah Palin's emails cause media feeding frenzy   what is all the fuss about?The Alaska government has released nearly 25,000 emails Sarah Palin sent and received during her tenure as the state’s governor. The emails were originally requested back in 2008 when she was named as the Republican vice presidential candidate and no one had heard of her outside of Alaska.

Bureaucracy being what it is, it took nearly three years for the emails to be released. There was a whole legal kerfuffle over Palin using a private Yahoo account to conduct state business and while that’s a story, the media seems more to be scouring the emails for dirt. The Los Angeles Times and the New York Times are both putting all 25,000 emails online in a searchable database. Many media outlets are live-blogging the release, including MSNBC, The Atlantic and The Guardian. ProPublica is putting the best quotes on their Officials Say tumblr blog.

Now, we can sort of see why the tumblr blog is funny because random quotes taken out of context are often funny, plus that particular blog skewers both the right-leaning and left-leaning politicians and officials.

But we spent a good 45 minutes poring over the emails and guess what? They’re completely mundane, run-of-the-mill stuff we imagine state governors exchange with staff members and the like. What is the big deal? Did people think there was going to be some kind of smoking gun amongst the daily email drivel that would obliterate Sarah Palin from the public eye?

Or maybe we all find out Sarah Palin kidnapped the Lindburgh baby. Sarah Palin shot JFK. Sarah Palin IS Keyser Soze.

Regardless of whether you love or hate Sarah Palin, this just doesn’t seem like the biggest news story of the day. Is this just a perfect example of proving Elisabeth Hasselbeck right?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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