satisfaction episode 4 through self discovery usa 'Satisfaction' Season 1, episode 4: '...Through Self Discovery' recapAlthough the series has been very satisfying so far, “Satisfaction’s” fourth episode was slightly less than savory. It was really hard not to expect a lot from the title “…Through Self-Discovery.” This could have been a great chance for Neil to reveal his true heart — but sadly it didn’t happen.

Unfortunately, Neil spends most of this episode preparing for his FBI court appearance, where he has to not only apologize for his airplane meltdown, but has to prove he is just a nice, normal family man in his community. Seriously, being on the “No Fly List” is no joke people.

Adriana sets Neil up with Jennifer, played by Kellie Martin (Yay! “Life Goes On”) who unbeknownst to him at the beginning, is celebrating her recent divorce with a hooker her girlfriends ordered for her. Unfortunately, things turn into more of a therapy session than hook-up session, although the two do have at least one steamy make-out between heart-to-hearts.

Meanwhile Grace is trying to come into her own and starts by changing her wardrobe. When she reveals one of her new purchases to Neil, the way he looks at her is priceless. Anyone would die to have their significant other look at them that way, but it kind of seems like too little too late at this point.

Anika gets in a car accident with her aunt and she comes away with just some bumps and bruises. It’s so hard to take her teen angst seriously in this episode and the act reminds us of Dana’s brooding teen act in “Homeland” a bit.

At the end of the day, Neil lets his daughter down by giving his regret speech in court, even though he does not regret his actions. A few more self realizations would have been great in this episode. One thing we are very excited about is Simon’s interesting relationship with Ariana. Will she eventually take Simon on as a client? Will she be able to connect him with Neil?

We will just have to wait to see it all play out on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins