stephanie szostak satisfaction usa 'Satisfaction': Stephanie Szostak on getting the sex scenes over with

Zap2it: The struggle to save a marriage is rare as the central theme for a series. Were you surprised by that when you read the first “Satisfaction” script?
Stephanie Szostak: In a way, it’s even better that this is a series than if it was just a film. It’s scary because I don’t know where it’s going, but the potential of getting to know this character — because she’s so real — and understanding her better, I’m looking forward to. And it’s already happening.
Zap2it: Your “Satisfaction” teamwork with fellow star Matt Passmore is extremely close, by necessity. How is that for you?
Stephanie Szostak: He’s amazing to work with, and that’s the good thing about working on something like this. We go on and on talking about the lives of (the characters) Neil and Grace.

Zap2it: What sort of message do you think “Satisfaction” gives?
Stephanie Szostak: People are so obsessed with making their careers and having a big house, then you realize that kills your dreams. It even kills what makes your life, because you get so busy inside. These people just need to get quiet, so that they know who they are.

Zap2it: What do you remember about filming the critical scene in the premiere when Neil walks in on Grace being intimate with the male escort?
Stephanie Szostak: It’s always something you’re a little bit nervous about beforehand … and then when you do it, you do it. It’s quite quick and everyone is super-professional, even if a few takes are possible. I’m just thinking of what my character is doing.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin