NBC offered up a new “Saturday Night Live” promo on Friday (Dec. 17) that promises to show you Jeff Bridges as you’ve never seen him — not recently, anyway.

The “Tron: Legacy” and “True Grit” star reminds you that he’s hosting Saturday’s show, with musical guests Eminem and Lil Wayne, and he does it while shaving off the beard he’s had for much of the past year. (He did turn up clean-shaven to promote “Tron” at Comic-Con in July, but otherwise you have to go back to summer 2009 to find pictures of him sans facial hair.)

It’s a cool little spot (which you can see above) — but it also is at odds with Bridges’ appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thursday night. As you can see in the clip below, Bridges and his beard are in full bloom with Kimmel. He was also bewhiskered in the first round of “SNL” promos NBC posted on Wednesday.

So either he pre-taped his Kimmel interview before heading to New York to work on “SNL,” or he’s the most virile man alive. We’re going with the former, but we wouldn’t count out the other idea.

Posted by:Rick Porter