For some odd reason, Channing Tatum is wearing not one but two layers of clothing atop his magnificent torso in his new “Saturday Night Live” promos. Shirts should definitely at least be optional if not completely eliminated from his wardrobe for the show (or always), in our opinion.
Tatum is hosting the sketch show Feb. 4 with musical guest Bon Iver, and teamed up with Fred Armisen for his first set of promos for the episode. Below, watch the actor forget how to say his name, discuss the origin of his name, and then recreate that iconic “Dirty Dancing” move with the “SNL” cast member. Sort of.
Guy’s got a good sense of humor, so we’re hoping he gets some good material to work with this weekend. “The Vow” is out Feb. 10. Zooey Deschanel follows as host on Feb. 11 with musical guest Karmin.

Posted by:Jean Bentley