saturday night live margaret thatcher 'Saturday Night Live' charms with Margaret Thatcher homage

Though it didn’t included host Vince Vaughn, the best sketch of the April 13 episode of “Saturday Night Live” was definitely its loving homage to Margaret Thatcher. Britain’s “Iron Lady” passed away on April 8 at age 87, and SNL regulars like Fred Armisen and Bill Hader quickly put together a Digital Short to honor the former Prime Minister.

The sketch was positioned as an episode of a VH1-style show called “History of Punk” that featured the band Ian Rubbish and the Bizzaros — basically a rip off of the Sex Pistols. Armisen played Rubbish, a punk rocker who hated the queen and pretty much everyone else but absolutely adored Thatcher. He wrote a song that included the lyrics, “Hey Maggie Thatcher, you’re all right,” which one of his bandmates “thought was a joke” but “it turns out he just really liked her.” Case in point: the B-side to Rubbish’s comeback album “Living in the Gutter” was called “Sweet Iron Lady.” 

The sketch concluded with a scene showing SNL’s version of Thatcher meeting Rubbish, an event which her longtime coworker called the highlight of her life, and then showed Rubbish speaking kindly of the Prime Minister. “SNL” doesn’t often go earnest, but this one sketch definitely succeeded and was a great nod to a great woman.

As for how Vaughn was as host, he definitely put his comedic talents to good use. Though not all of his skits were successes — the prom one comes to mind — there were some that worked exceptionally well. For instance, the Weather Channel soap opera “Stormy Skies” worked much better than “SNL’s” other recurring soap opera “The Californians,” and hopefully returns in upcoming episodes. There’s something about the way meteorologists read the weather and the way soap opera dramas play out that work really together.

If viewers had been following the celebrity news this past week, they likely had already heard about Brad Paisley and LL Cool J‘s attempt at tackling racism in the new song “Accidental Racist.” Seth Meyers “invited” the duo on Weekend Update to discuss the single (Kenan Thompson played LL and Jason Sudeikis portrayed Paisley), and they definitely hit the mains problems with the song on the head. Sudeikis’ Paisley claimed he and LL only spent “11 minutes” writing “Accidental Racist” and he admitted, “Maybe we should have let just one person hear the song before we sent it to a record company.” Thompson’s LL explained why he agreed to do the song to begin with, claiming, “I answered the phone the way I always do: [ringing noise] ‘I’ll do it.'”

Other highlights from the show include Vaughn’s awkward yet effective opening monologue in which he encouraged audience members to be enthusiastic and provide the “fuel for the rocket ship that is ‘Saturday Night Live,'” Hader’s mockery of Al Pacino’s affinity for HBO biopics in the new series “The Al Pacino Accused Murderer Series” and the Short Term Memory Loss Theater sketch. What was your favorite moment of the night?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz