snl daniel radcliffe 'Saturday Night Live': Daniel Radcliffe funny; the show    not so muchDespite a valiant effort by guest host Daniel Radcliffe, “Saturday Night Live” didn’t exactly turn in its funniest performances of the year on Saturday (Jan. 14).

There were a few fun moments — Radcliffe sporting a mullet and a Hogwarts reunion — but the low points, like Lana Del Rey’s disastrous performance and a super-stale opening featuring Jason Sudeikis doing Mitt Romney, weighed down the entire show.

Watch some clips from Saturday’s show, then tell us what you think.

Radcliffe’s opening monologue. He gets a little help from Snooki and “The Situation”:

Kristen Wiig doing the Target lady. Again:

You Can Do Anything! Even Irish step-dancing and calligraphy — simultaneously:

The “Harry Potter” epilogue:


Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson